--- Please Note ---
We can't accept bookings made through diners or Visa Electron credit cards.
The first night will be charged after your reservation.
If you book through a debit card be sure to have enough cash to pay the first night, otherwise we will ask you to give us the details of a different credit card.
In case of late cancellation (7 days before check in) the same amount will be kept.
Cancellation 2 days before check in: 80% of total amount.
Cancellation during the stay: 90% of total amount.
In case of NO-SHOW, the sum total will be charged on credit card
Check in from 11.00 am to 15.00 pm - Check out until 10.00 am
Looking Forward to see you!
Casa Billi Firenze

Casa Billi Firenze - 온라인 예약

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We accept:

Visa Visa
Mastercard Mastercard
American Express American Express
Visa Electron Visa Electron
Jcb Jcb
Aura Aura
Diners Diners


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